Now you can get the most out of your current headset, the standard earbuds which came with your device or your high-end headphones. Until now the Smartphone or Tablet output had its limitations and was not compatible with many of the high-end gear. This all is changing with the introduction of FLEXUP by puxsa, the most flexible solution to your high-end listening enjoyment on the go. 


FLEXUP connects to your Smartphone, Smartwatch or Tablet digitally and wirelessly over Bluetooth. FLEXUP amplifies and preserves the original quality of your music with its custom chipset so you can hear up-to 3 times as loud as your Smartphone and also use your high-end headsets which need the additional power when connected directly. FLEXUP allows for devices up-to 600 Ohms to be connected and can drive these with immense fidelity and power. Finally you can enjoy the high fidelity quality you are used to at home also on the go.

WARNING: Prolonged exposure to loud music on headsets or earbuds can lead to hearing loss. FLEXUP is intended to increase audio quality and device flexibility.


Who would not enjoy listening to music on trains, planes or other noisy environments without those pesky background sounds? FLEXUP introduces Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to any headphone used with your Smartphone or tablet without the expense and limitations of specialized headsets. This feature of course works best with over-the-ear headsets but our extensive research could achieve noticeable results even with standard headsets like Apple Earbuds.


Want to share with your friends what you are listening to instantly? No more ... come closer and take one side of my earbud. FLEXUP introduces the new Group Mode where with the press of  a button other listeners can be invited to join over bluetooth. They will hear on their FLEXUP connected headsets exactly what you hear and still can switch to incoming calls from their phone. This way a whole party can can connect to one after the other and enjoy great sounding music you select without wires - neighbors rejoice!


- Exchange the inside rubber to a color that matches your taste and the looks of other devices you might

   carry (stretch goal on Kickstarter)

- Upload your own voice canceling and equalizer profiles (stretch goal on Kickstarter)


Now you can hear your music directly from the AppleWatch while jogging - Even if you leave your iPhone at home. This is the only way to connect your earbuds to the Apple Watch, there is no headphone jack. You still enjoy all the other FLEXUP features.


Group Mode: Talking and listening to the music of your FLEXUP connected friends in noisy environments 

                       and over distances up-to 30m (90ft).       

Bass Boost:  Built in (selectable)

PC and MAC compatible: 

                      Enhances the internal sound of PCs and MACs dramatically when plugged into the USB port
                      or connect wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Entertainment Systems: 

                      Plug FLEXUP into the airline seat and enjoy better quality and louder sound.

                      Even Noise Cancelation works this way. 

Clip:            FLEXUP does not have a clip, it is the clip. Attach FLEXUP directly to a shirt or jogging pants.

Remote Control:

                      Accept your call directly from FLEXUP without taking your phone out of your pocket. FLEXUP

                      is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Upgrade:     New firmware for FLEXUP when new features become available

Volume & Music Management:

                     Can be done through the FLEXUP controls or directly at the headset cable (if available).

                     FLEXUP is compatible with iOS and Android devices and makes Android headsets iOS

                     compatible and vice versa.


Bluetooth performance:      Bluetooth 4.0

Carrier Frequency:               2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz

Communication Distance:   Class2 (maximum 10m) 

Supported Profiles:             HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP

Multi-pairing:                      2x HFP + 2x A2DP to Smart Devices, 1x FLEX2FLEX

Audio Characteristics:         SBC / MPS/AAC / aptX

Battery:                                Lithium polymer rechargeable battery, factory exchangeable

Battery Life:                         up to 10h

Standby Time:                     up to 450 hours

Connector:                           micro USB

Warranty:                            1 year

Certifications:                     FCC, IC, ETSI/CE

Accessories:                        USB charging cable, manual, warranty card, easy connection guide

OperatingSystem:               Not machine specific

Platform:                             Not machine Specific

Equipped:                           with DSC and High-Quality Headphone Amplifier

Output Power:                    125mW / 32 Ohm

THD+N:                              > 94 dB; 0,0045%

SNR:                                  > 100 dB (while on battery)

Crosstalk:                          > 91 dB
Dimensions:                      79x39.5x15mm (3.11x1.55x.54 inches)

FLEXUP Design 


     - Taco Colors (White, Silver (Black))

      - Insert Options (White, Black, Blue (Gray, Yellow, Green, Red, Brown, Purple)

        The rubber Insert can be easily exchanged


      FLEXUP compares to the size of the original
      IPOD Nano, which was the ideal size for
      listening to music while doing sports. We have
      made FLEXUP a bit smaller but thicker as we
      need the space for the battery. About 50% of
      the FLEXUP space is taken up by the battery.
     This is the only way to have enough power for
     up to 10 hours of uninterrupted listening.


     FLEXUP does not require an extra clip, it is the clip. One side of FLEXUP is open and the whole device
     can slide over fabric of any kind. It has a special surface pattern to reduce slippage but still can be

     removed easily. This is especially convenient while jogging or participating in activities.





FLEXUP connects with

- IPhone (BT)


- Apple WATCH (BT)

- Android Phones (BT)

- MacBook Pro/Air (BT & USB)

- Laptop & PC (USB)

- Airline Entertainment System (AUDIO JACK)











FLEXUP uses specialized chips, high-end DACs (Digital Analog Converter) and an 8-layer board design. With a real DSP (Digital Signal Processor) on board we have programmed FLEXUP to incorporate a long list of features. It includes of course our patent pending Noise Cancellation routines. This design will allow us to offer you upgrades and personalized profiles in the future. We strive to give you the best audio quality possible and hope you will compare us with the best headphone amplifiers on the market. With this advanced technology paired with the flexible design features like the option to exchange of housing colors and being able to clip it on any garment we hope you will enjoy our first product for all your mobile audio needs.


Pix from the design, lab, prototypes...

First sketches of a mobile amplifier


What is the maximum volume FLEXUP can produce? 

The volume depends on the headphones used, but FLEXUP has enough power to exceed 89db

Please take our warning serious that FLEXUP can have an adverse effect on your hearing.


Can FLEXUP amplified music be dangerous to my hearing?

WARNING: If you turn up the volume to high levels, prolonged listening can have an adverse effect on your hearing. When FLEXUP Noise Canceling is switched on you will be able to enjoy more music detail at lower and safer levels.


Can I connect a headset with Android controls to FLEXUP and control my iOS device?

Yes, FLEXUP knows what smart device and type of headset is connected and will convert the commands from your headset buttons (if available) to the right standard.


Can I connect a headset with iOS controls to FLEXUP and control my ANDROID device?

Yes, FLEXUP knows what smart device and type of headset is connected and will convert the commands from your headset buttons (if available) to the right standard.


Can I use FLEXUP as a headset, even if my headphones don't have a microphone?

Yes, with the headphones and the internal microphone inside FLEXUP you essentially have you a complete headset. FLEXUP of course reduces Wind Noise and has Echo Cancellation.


Can I receive calls from my Smartphone when FLEXUP is connected to a PC/Mac?

Yes, FLEXUP can hold the bluetooth connection to your phone, if FLEXUP is connected via USB. The music from the PC will be muted, if a call comes in.


How does the Active noise cancellation work?

Standard active noise cancellation needs an internal microphone in the headphone speaker. With our new patent pending technology we are able to simulate the internal microphone. Your headphones can be calibrated in an easy to use process. Connect your headphone to FLEXUP, hold one speaker of your headphone in front of the FLEXUP microphone (black part) and press the first button for 5 sec. The calibration is done in 3 seconds.


How can I achieve the best Active Noise Canceling (ANC) performance?

You will get the best perfomrance if you place / clip FLEXUP on the upper end of your chest and the black part is unobstructed to outside noise. The microphones are located in the black housing. The use of closed and quality headphones will also enhance your experience.


Does the Active Noise Cancellation work with all Headphones?

Yes,  all analog headphones and earbuds with a cable will work. It does not matter how FLEXUP is connected to the audio source (BT, USB or LINE OUT).


Does FLEXUP cancel all frequencies?

FLEXUP provides noise cancellation comparable to headsets with already built-in noise cancellation (which adjust frequencies up-to 300Hz). Especially these low frequency noises make you feel most uncomfortable.

FELXUP will take your special headphone performance into account by performing a one-time calibration.


Will Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) still work, if FLEXUP is plugged into a PC or MAC via USB?

Yes, ANC still works, but the effect might decrease due to the distance betwwen you and FLEXUP.  FLEXUP should be placed near and in front of you if possible.


LED Sequence

all LEDs are normaly off to save power. If a button is pressed LEDs turn on and go off again later.

     1st LED:   Green:                  Charged
                     Yellow:                 Needs charging

                      Red:                     Power low

                      Green Blinking:   Charging

      2nd LED: Blue:                    BT connections established
                      Blue Blinking:     Searching for connection - Secondary

                      White Blinking:   Searching for connection - Primary

                      White:                 No BT Connections established

     3rd LED:  Off:                       No features on

                     Green:                  ANC active

                     Yellow:                 ANC & EQ active

                     Red:                     EQ active


What colors are available for FLEXUP?

FLEXUP will be initially available in two colors: White and Silver. Selecting the color for your reward will be done post campaign.


What devices is FLEXUP compatible with?

FLEXUP features Bluetooth 4 technology to connect to any desktop computer, tablet, IOT, and mobile phone. FLEXUP will pair with any Android, iOS, MAC and Windows device which includes Bluetooth connectivity.


Can I connect FLEXUP via Bluetooth to a PC or MAC?

Any MAC with OS X 10.5 and up.

Windows does not support A2DP by default but 3rd party BT stacks can be downloaded from various suppliers.


Can I use FLEXUP as a soundcard?

FLEXUP will be detected from a PC or Mac as soundcard if plugged in via USB. So you can play your music with FLEXUP from a PC/Mac, but you cannot use FLEXUP to record your speech or use the AUDIO IN port.

How do you charge FLEXUP?

FLEXUP is charged with a standard micro USB cable.


What Bluetooth profiles does FLEXUP support?



Does FLEXUP support apt-X?

Yes, of course. FLEXUP is designed to provide the best audio quality. If your smart device does support aptX, FLEXUP will use the codec with the best audio quality. 


How do I connect to my Bluetooth device?

FLEXUP provides secure simple pairing with your smart device, but also proximity pairing.  Flexup initiates the pairing activity with the closest discoverable phone/tablet and the user simply has to accept the incoming pairing invitation on the phone/tablet. A single multi-function button also activates "pairing mode" with  other FLEXUPs. 


Do I need an App for that?

No, FLEXUP does not need an App. It works with the built-in audio streaming capabilities of your smart device.

How can I change my address for shipping?

Changes to your shipping address can be done through your Kickstarter account. If you have any difficulty changing the address, please contact Kickstarter for support. There will be another opportunity to confirm your mailing address post campaign.