puxsa is a startup focussing on premier mobile audio entertainment. We are currently working on our first product and which will be introduced on KICKSTARTED.COM in 2016.

Our team here at puxsa is dedicated to deliver the best possible audio experience for you in combination with your smart devices which you already own. Our first inauguration product is FLEXUP, a mobile high-end headphone amplifier for audio enjoyment on the go. Our plans are bold and our product will be different to what you have seen before. Design plays a significant role, just as much as quality and price. We want to give you very stylish products at an affordable price with features you have not seen before. As an example, we have not designed a clip, we have made all of FLEXUP a clip, we have not copied Noise Cancellation from others, we have patented a new technology and last but not least, we have made the sound so good, you might even use this small device in your home audio system. The story goes on and it shows how "out of the box thinking" allows for something magical. Stay tuned for all of our other devices coming in the future. It is time that audio technology gets smart and works even smarter with all your personal devices.